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We'll Get You Cooking.


Caterers.  Bakers. Chocolatiers. Churches. Schools. Civic Groups. Food Truck Vendors. Whether it is for a fundraiser, for sale at a food stand, or for distribution to a local grocery store chain, food products sold commercially must be produced in a licensed production facility.  New food production businesses frequently lack the capital to get started, and many organizations simply need an approved space in which to produce their product.


Delaware Kitchen Share has been developed to solve this problem. A shared-use facility rented out by the hour, Delaware Kitchen Share is a place where food producers can legally prepare, process, cook and store perishables. It is a fully equipped, licensed facility for catering, food preparation, and specialty food production.


If you own a food business, you're interested in starting or expanding one, or you simply need space to cook, read on for how to get started with us.

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