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In the state of Delaware, a commercial kitchen is required for the production of food products sold to the public. New food entrepreneurs are often challenged with acquiring the finances to begin their venture. While the ability to purchase the individual equipment required for one's production needs might be feasible, the capital required to purchase a fully equipped kitchen can be large, to say the least.


A shared-use commercial kitchen is the solution. In this type of facility caterers, mobile vendors, producers of specialty/gourmet food items, and others can prepare their food products in a fully equiped, licensed kitchen. It provides community food businesses the opportunity to expand into new lines of business and allows potential food entrepreneurs to start entirely new businesses.


As the only dedicated shared-use kitchen in New Castle County, Delaware, it is our goal at Delaware Kitchen Share to become a primary resource for any new or growing food production company in the region. We look forward to serving you.

Who We Are

Initiated in 2010, Delaware Kitchen Share was developed out of a need personally experienced by its founder, Antoinette Stanley.  Having received compliments for years on her baking skills, Antoinette decided to venture out with her own cake baking business.  She soon discovered that a commercial kitchen was required for the vision she had in mind, but discovery of a facility in which she could bake her cakes didn't come as quickly.  


After contacting local churches and civic organizations and inquiring with local businesses regarding the possibility of using their facility after hours, Antoinette realized that she must not be the only person in the state of Delaware having such troubles, and so, Delaware Kitchen Share was born. 


Antoinette's vision for a shared-used commercial kitchen in New Castle County, Delaware is shared and supported by her husband and co-founder DT Stanley.

What We Do

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